We specialize in Retail, Home Interior, Hospitality & Office Space. 



TechniCraft Designs primarily focuses on design & concept, with experience in hospitality, retail, residential and the workplace market.  We provide services in customer experience and brand design, project management, procurement, compliance as well as turn-key services.

TechniCraft Designs delivers excellent quality & service for all your draughting & design needs.

We can make your home so much more with custom 

unique quality designs.

We offer reliable, fast and efficient service to any company looking at improving their business by outsourcing any draughting work.

For retail designs and draughting work, we offer 3D drawings, aswell as a full set of manufacturing technical drawings and floor plan layouts if required.







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Our home interior drafting design solutions covers all aspects of specialist features through to interior decoration and furnishing. We specialize in creating captivating spaces that our clients can relax and indulge in. Every step of the design process aims to meet all clients’ expectations.

Our service offerings are personalized to meet your individual needs through a project management service.

At TechniCraft Designs we have highly skilled drafters for retail space drawings.We have the ability to visualize the space in three dimensions, along with technical and software knowledge. Being familiar with the required furniture and retail equipment for all your  project needs.

As workload increases for retail space planners, we are driven to provide all drafting design parameters for all your retail drafting solutions.

To ease your entire project process, TechniCraft can reduce your burden by drafting circulation patterns, developing furniture or equipment placement, maximizing space allocations. Experienced drafters will consider the design parameters and equipment standards. All these will happen with careful attention to the space organisation, to the constraints of fixed building elements and retail shelves display

TechniCraft's approach to designing the workspace in order to create a dynamic environment in which their staff can thrive and contribute to the overall success of the business.


We begin with the clients end goals and develop a design strategy to ensure the final project is mastered. 

TechniCraft provides end to end complete 2D 3D drafting design services for the hospitality industry spanning from Hotels, Resorts design, Banquets design, Hotel suites design including Twin rooms, Double room, Single room, Presidency suite.

Specialty restaurants design, reception design, Lobby design, Bar room design and Night club design

TechniCraft's design portfolio of services includes concept design development for Architects, Interior designers, builders and other Designer verticals.

The services that we provide in the design industry are tailored to meet each client's individual needs.

Our experience makes ideally suite to assist you with your hospitality development project.

TechniCraft can turn your idea, your concept, or any design into reality.

We collaborate with architects, interior designers, homeowners, contractors, and artists, to deliver your inspiration on time and within your budget. Regardless of the scope or size of the project, we treat each client and approach each job with the same high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Our understanding of the complexities, and possibilities inherent in metal, wood and glass, allows us to manipulate the materials to produce a perfect, bespoke product. Our fabrication methods and techniques can turn any design into a truly unique piece.



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